The Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota, officially Cook County Road 12, began as a series of portages created by Native American people.

Did modern Minnesota roads evolve from Native American trails?

Some routes have been providing passage since long before the introduction of paved roads.
The intersection of N. Washington and N. 2nd avenues in the North Loop neighborhood.
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How did the North Loop neighborhood get its name?

June 4
Now one of the city's most popular entertainment destinations, its name has surprising transit origins.
Crowds gathered at Wold-Chamberlain Field in September 1930 for the arrival of famous French pilots. The welcome coincided with a dedication of the ai
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From bankrupt racetrack to aviation hub — what remains from MSP Airport's early days?

May 28
Planes have been flying at MSP — formerly Wold-Chamberlain Field — for roughly a century.
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June 9
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Listen: Why does Minnesota test tornado sirens on the first Wednesday of the month?

June 2
Curious Minnesota podcast host Eric Roper discusses Civil Defense and the Cold War history of tornado sirens with writer Dave Kenney.
The new cellular pole, at left, outside Roy Vanderwerf’s house in south Minneapolis.
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Why is there a new cellular pole in my Minneapolis neighborhood?

May 21
The transition to 5G wireless technology is having a visible impact on some city streets.
The Grodnik Building, which now houses Loring Pasta Bar, on the corner of 4th Street and 14th Avenue SE in 1963. To its left is Dinky Town Dime variet
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How did Dinkytown in Minneapolis get its name?

May 14
The unusual moniker for the commercial district near the University of Minnesota dates to the 1940s.
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How much gold is hiding underground in northern Minnesota?

May 7
The precious metal has not been mined in Minnesota since the turn of the 20th century.
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Listen: Was Minnesota home to nuclear missiles during the Cold War?

May 6
Curious Minnesota podcast host Eric Roper discusses the 1950s initiative to install missile sites around the Twin Cities.