Source: WASHINGTON — The campaign to vaccinate young children in the United States against the coronavirus will not look like it did for adults. There will be no mass inoculation sites. Pediatricians will be enlisted to help work with parents. Even the vials — and the needles to administer doses — will be smaller.

Biden administration officials, anticipating that regulators will make the vaccines available to 5- to 11-year-oldsin the coming weeks, are laying out plans to ensure that some 25,000 pediatric or primary care offices, thousands of pharmacies, and hundreds of school and rural health clinics will be ready to administer shots if the vaccine receives federal authorization.


A candidate for the Minneapolis City Council is facing increasing scrutiny on social media and a new website questioning his residency — both in the ward where he's running and in the city.

Mickey Moore, who is running in theNinth Wardcouncil race, said he is leasing a studio apartment near Powderhorn Park to meet residency requirements under state law.

Moore, 51, lists the apartment address on state elections filings, but his family also owns a house in the adjacent Eighth Ward and a house in Oak Grove in Anoka County.

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We've seen that Watercooler is an incredible way for teams tospark creativity and teamwork, so we built a version for FigJam. Donut can help your team break the ice, encourage creativity, and foster trust across the organization—now in a meeting context.

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