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9/11/64 - 9/12/08

You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide, although we cannot see you, you're always at our side. We will always love you. Your family

Marie Balko

September 11, 1921 - August 7, 2017

We are thinking of you today and everyday with love and wonderful memories. A part of you is in each one of us. Your daughters, granddaughters and great grandchildren. Happy 100th Birthday!

In Loving Memory of

Eileen Bridgeman Biernat

2-10-46 - 9-4-20

A part of my heart will never smile again. Joker

Dominique Boyd

Dec. 27, 1984 - Sept. 7, 2012

Dominique, you were always a special person, a special face. Someone we loved and can never be replaced. Love you always, Mama, Cris, Steven and Alex

Suzanne D. Carmichael

3/12/1940 - 9/7/2020

Whew, Mom! It has been quite a year! Papa is doing good - misses you each day! Jessie and Parker got married, Dani got engaged, Jenna finished college and several other grandkids are starting college. We know you were with us during these special occasions, Thanks for being there! Mom - We still see your face before us, your voice we long to hear, We miss and love you dearly, God knows. We wish you were here. Tears fall freely from our eyes, like a river, filled with grief. Our only comfort now, is that, from pain, you've found relief! We all miss you dearly and you're forever in our hearts. - Love All of us!

Andrew James Chervenak

September 19, 1981 - July 15, 2013

Loved and missed for 2,988 days, but especially today, your 40th birthday.

Gerald Meyer Erickson

Remembering you on your 94th birthday. With love, your family "Carpe Vinum"

Margaret Parks Gallaher Lee

Aug. 31, 1921 - March 9, 1999

Today, we remember Peggy Lee, on this 100th anniversary of her birth in Minneapolis. Peggy was born as the middle child in the Gallaher family, growing up in Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka (Zumbra Heights, Excelsior) and Miami. The Gallahers were part-owners and managers of Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company, an enterprise that at one time operated about one quarter of the flour mills in Minneapolis, and which was best known for its Ceresota brand flour. Life threw many curve balls at Peggy. As a young girl she developed major respiratory conditions due to the heavy grain dust content of Minneapolis air, and also contracted lockjaw (tetanus) at one point. She lost her dearly beloved younger brother Punky when he was KIA May 1 1945 in Luzon, PH with the 25th Tropic Lightning Infantry Division near the end of WWII. Pops, her Dad, suffered from alcoholism, which contributed to his early death at age 71 in 1962. The chronic stress from an unhappy marriage of 20+ years, and an ugly divorce in the early 1970s, resulted in Peggy contracting multiple sclerosis just as she was finally breaking free. Peggy relocated to Las Cruces, NM after many years in the Boston area, to restart her life as a divorcée, make new friends, take care of her health, and to find once again peace, happiness and joy in life. She prospered in the dry desert air of Las Cruces, and, with the help of her beloved Siamese cat Chica, found new purpose, meaning and friendships in the authentic New Mexican culture and lifestyle. Our Mom came to adore her newfound home in New Mexico, and loved its people, green chile cuisine, landscapes, colors, stillness and vistas. Throughout her life, through all these challenges and more, Peggy maintained her courage, her dogged persistence in living each day to the max, a strong independent spirit, and her sense of humor. Even as she was not always the perfect Mom, her son now understands that he could have done much more to be the Good Son that she needed to be present in her life, to support her in moving home in Weston and Las Cruces, and to give her the regular calls, hugs, embraces and back rubs that are so important to human connection, well-being and warmth, especially as she aged and grew infirm. She is survived today by her children (Maggie L. Peterson, Albuquerque; Susan F. Lee, Arlington, VA; Burton H. Lee, Palo Alto, CA) and by her nephews and niece (Harry E. Gallaher, Minneapolis; John Gallaher, Phoenix; Robin Gallaher Branch, Memphis). We scattered your ashes, Mom, at your favorite places: on the Rio Grande in Las Cruces, and in the sea otter kelp playgrounds off Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Thank you, Mom, for giving us life; thank you for raising and taking care of us as kids, along with Dad; thank you for loving us unceasingly from the day we were born to your final breath. Summers at the Cottage in Lake Minnetonka and the deep love and patience that you, Clara, Alma and Joe Lerum showed us - kept us sane in unhappy times. We Love You to Pieces, Mom!! and Happy 100th Birthday!!

Conner Mason Hallman-Cook

8-29-05 - 6-8-07

Wishing our beautiful baby boy a Happy 16th Birthday in heaven. We love you and miss you to the moon and back. Always in our hearts. Love, The Hallman Family

Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen Happy 76th Birthday September 17 Oh, how you loved the North Shore of Lake Superior and log homes. We would celebrate your birthday in our favorite log cabin on Lake Superior. I miss your teasing me about being two years older than you. Missing you never goes away. Sweetie, I'll love you for a million years. Love, Punkin