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America, we have a murder problem

Memo to progressives: Denial is not the solution.

Mpls. crisis teams are needed now

Delays in rollout of new City Council-backed mental health plan are troubling.
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White damsels in distress always stop the presses

Their lives are important, but race should not determine who gets coverage, or who gets our sympathy.
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Don't just raise the debt limit — repeal it

The debt limit has done nothing to limit debt.

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Playing Politics podcast
Playing Politics podcast
updated 8 hours 29 mins. ago
Listening to the "Playing Politics" podcast from the Star Tribune and WCCO Radio is like taking a seat at the Editorial Board table and hearing an informed and opinionated weekly discussion of all things political in Minnesota and the nation. "Playing Politics" features WCCO's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune's John Rash in addition to editorial writer Patricia Lopez and columnists Lori Sturdevant and D.J. Tice – award-winning journalists who bring varied perspectives to the issues of the day.
Twin Metals underground mine location: Aerial view of the area that would be mined by Twin Metals.
Special report Mining and the BWCA: Not this location
updated 23 hours 32 mins. ago
The Star Tribune Editorial Board has taken the position that the Twin Metals copper-nickel mining project near the BWCA should not proceed. That editorial and others leading up to it are collected here. Responses will be added as they are published.
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