How can we reduce traffic stops without undermining public safety, asks commentary writer Sarah Seo? The solution, she says, is to decrease our relian

Police officers shouldn't be the ones to enforce traffic laws

Automated technology and unarmed monitors could do most of the job more efficiently and more safely.

Don't make green energy about jobs

April 16
President Joe Biden delivered remarks on climate change and green jobs in the State Dining Room of the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021.
What impedes the transition? People don't want to pay more. What brings about higher costs that get passed along to consumers? Labor.

The sensible border fix protectionists will hate

April 16
In this Feb. 13, 2020, photo, Central American migrants sent from the United States walked out into the open air after arriving in Guatemala City. Man
Improving the economies of Central America, thus keeping people from leaving there, will require some of our jobs. Some of our factories.

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Opinion Exchange
18 minutes ago

Biden is making the right call on Afghanistan

For many reasons, it's time our 20-year involvement comes to a close.
Tiffany Johnson
18 minutes ago
A sketch of George Floyd laid among flowers and candles at the site of his death near Cup Foods in south Minneapolis in June 2020.

The white family at Lake Minnetonka and words unspoken

We can't know someone else's truth if we don't speak.
Bruce Peterson
18 minutes ago
The Capitol building at sunrise in Washington, on March 6.

Counterpoint: Beware the dangers of bare-knuckled majority rule

We are a country of diverse citizens with little to keep us united.
David Aquilina
April 16
December 12, 1963 Cookie Gilchrist Football.  AP Wirephoto ORG XMIT: MIN2017012314454308

An all-star boycott that called for change long, long ago

In 1965, the American Football League moved its All-Star Game when brave players stood up for justice.
Opinion Exchange
April 15

Biden is making Trump look like a bipartisan unifier

Despite campaign pledge, Democrat doesn't seem willing to negotiate.
Faye Flam, Bloomberg Opinion
April 15
Something public health officials do know is that more people will die of COVID-19 if people don’t get the vaccination.

An epidemic of unknowns

Public health officials need to be upfront about what is known and what is not.
Nicholas Kristof
April 15
A Black Lives Matter protester carries a flag as tear gas fills the air in Portland, Ore., on July 21, 2020.

From Portland, a liberal's lament

Grand gestures to right history's wrongs are great, but when those acts cross the line into ridiculousness, it gets us nowhere.
Joe Nocera
April 15
Bernie Madoff, the financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, died Wednesday, April 14, 2021, in a federal pri

Bernie Madoff left behind only misery and heartache

I was initially unsympathetic to the plight of those who had lost money with him. That changed.
Trudy Rubin
April 15
A screen grab from a preview of “Great Performances: Beethoven in Beijing,” spotlighting the resurgence of classical music in China through the le

U.S.-China relationship is in a tough spot, but it's not a 'new Cold War'

Why not? Let Beethoven explain.
Timothy Kudo
April 15
A new American flag was raised at Forward Operating Base Bostick in Kunar province, Afghanistan, on Sept. 11, 2011, to commemorate the tenth anniversa

I fought in Afghanistan. I still wonder: Was it worth it?

It's not guilt, shame or regret I feel. It's the sense of having done a terrible duty.
Opinion Exchange
April 14

E.U. faces a challenge as banks deal with the pandemic

Individual governments still bear the high cost of financial rescues.
Nicholas Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
April 14
Zoom has been one way we’ve remained social during the pandemic.

I'm feeling symptoms of 'cave syndrome.' Aren't you?

Whether or not you had social anxiety before the pandemic, it's possible you're feeling discomfort at the idea of being back in the same physical space with other people.
John Kass, Chicago Tribune
April 14
In Brooklyn Center on April 12, people protest the shooting death of Daunte Wright.

The whole world is watching Minnesota

Especially Chicago, as we wait for video of a new police shooting.
Thomas L. Friedman
April 14
A group of migrants from Guatemala walked along the Mexican side of the border wall near El Paso in 2019 looking for an opportunity to enter the Unite

Thomas L. Friedman: We need high wall with big gate on southern border

The solution to our problems there isn't going to come straight from the left — or the right.
Keith C. Burris, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 14
The notion that “there are no second acts in American lives” is attributed to F. Scott Fitzgerald, shown here in the 1920s. Kirk Curnutt, vice pre

Is there any shot at redemption these days in American lives?

And if it is no longer possible, why should this be so?
Samuel Viskocil
April 13
The scene outside the Shingle Creek Crossing Shopping Center where looting took placed late Sunday night after the police shooting death of Daunte Wri

Compassion, respect for law can quell the chaos

We must come together to move forward.
Stephanie Mcgill
April 13
Following the death of Daunte Wright, a protester faces police donning riot gear on April 11, in Brooklyn Center.

We are tired, we are broken, we are hurting

Another death of a young Black man, another conversation with our children, another protest and still our problems are minimized.
Laura Kadwell
April 13
Protests over the death of Daunte Wright on April 12, in Brooklyn Center.

We must 'see color' and the humanity behind it

White people must stand as allies with our Black brothers and sisters if problems are to be solved.
Dahleen Glanton
April 13
In a still image from footage taken by the body-worn camera of Windsor, Va., Police Officer Joe Gutierrez, U.S. Army Second Lt. Caron Nazario reacted

In traffic stop of a Black Army officer in Virginia, echoes of George Floyd

Both cases reveal the police mind-set as an escalator of tension. This seems to take on a particular energy when a Black man is stopped.
Richard Pildes
April 13
Mail-in ballots for the 2020 general election awaited sorting at the Chester County Voter Services office in West Chester, Pa.

All those fights over late-arriving mail ballots in 2020 were much ado about little

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, for example, ballots rejected for missing the deadline amounted to 0.04% and 0.05% of the absentee vote, respectively.
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