What looks like a prison roll call is actually the storage site for leftover statues from Berlin’s former Victory Avenue, Imperial Germany’s equiv

When all the heroes have fallen: Lessons from Germany

We had the statues removed and streets renamed as the national story evolved.

Hamilton, and 'Hamilton,' reexamined anew

July 10
Lin-Manuel Miranda, center, is the creator, composer and original title character in the hit musical “Hamilton,” shown here in the “Yorktown”
The musical's movie debut on Disney Plus reminds us that history is dynamic, not static, so "who tells your story" changes in context with what's happening today, too.

Betsy Hodges: As mayor of Minneapolis, I saw how white liberals block change

July 10
Betsy Hodges, then mayor of Minneapolis, spoke in November 2015 about protests at the Fourth Precinct in Minneapolis following the police-involved dea
Even now, there's a danger that the sidestepping will continue.
Peter Hutchinson
July 10
The Third Precinct in Minneapolis is a perfect starting place for reform.

Peter Hutchinson: A path to explore redesigning public safety begins at the Third Precinct

We could have a new approach ready to go by the end of the year.
Donna E. Hanbery
July 9
Landlords need to be able to protect tenants, and with current laws in place, that’s impossible.

The never-ending no-eviction order has made rental housing unsafe and unlivable

I get it — no one feels sorry for landlords. But when smoke, verbal abuse and increased COVID-19 risks are present, they need options.
July 9

Washington's NFL team may change its name — finally

Goal should be to find a nickname devoid of hurt, insult.
Karl W. Smith
July 9
The Paycheck Protection Program is supposed to help businesses prevent layoffs, so don’t judge who uses it, the writer says. Above, a food shop in B

Don't shame businesses for taking government money

There is nothing wrong with opposing a policy in principle yet taking advantage of it in practice.
Christopher Fonzone, Joshua A. Geltzer and Laurence H. Tribe
July 9
The concern over whether President Donald Trump will peacefully leave office if he’s not re-elected has been raised by many. Above, Trump during an

OK, assume Trump loses and won't leave …

He couldn't run the executive branch alone. But any Cabinet members who tried to help could face prison.
John P. Gwinn
July 8
Minnesota State Troopers surrounded the statue of Christopher Columbus after it was toppled in front of the Minnesota State Capitol.)

An Italian explorer Minnesota could love

Count Constantino Giacomo Beltrami searched for the source of the Mississippi River.
David Feinwachs
July 8
Rising costs have caused almost half of diabetics occasionally to skip taking their insulin, according to a 2018 survey.

Try this new Rx for insulin cost

The one Minnesota chose was ineffective.
Robert P. Peacock
July 8
Police officers detain people at a protest in Minneapolis on May 31.

For transformative policing strategies — look abroad, Minneapolis

We can look to Europe for examples of reform.
Editorial Board
July 8
International students will be forced to leave the U.S. or transfer to another college if their schools offer classes entirely online this fall, under

International students get the boot, and it's not just their loss

They'll have to leave, Trump administration decides, if the only classes offered to them are online only.
Thomas L. Friedman
July 8
Eventually Joe Biden will debate the incumbent and will need a simple, clear message to counter President Trump’s tired “Make America Great Again�

Biden should not debate Trump unless …

… the president agrees to release his tax returns and agrees to real-time fact-checking.
July 7

Help the hungry as pandemic's economic impact grows

An additional 275,000 Minnesotans are expected to face food insecurity.
Susan Kent
July 7
Minnesota Senate Republicans held an under-the-radar Rules Committee hearing to pass a resolution that would allow the Senate to hire an outside firm.

The Minnesota Senate should not be for sale to extremist anti-choice groups

Senate Republicans quietly met to pass a resolution to hire an outside law firm.
William J. Hardacker
July 7
The Dakota Wokiksuye memorial ride in December is taken in memory of the 38 Dakota men who were hanged in Mankato in 1862.

Counterpoint: The Dakota people aren't prepared to forget or forgive genocide

D.J. Tice's strained argument minimizes the long list of corrupt deals and broken promises that led to the tragic events of 1862.
Brandi Bennett
July 7
Police are needed to keep crime under control, the writer argues.

Visit my neighborhood and tell me we should dismantle MPD

Crime is skyrocketing in my downtown Minneapolis neighborhood and I no longer feel safe walking to and from work.
Noah Smith
July 7
The wealthy can revolt, too.

The rich and privileged can revolt, too

A consideration of the battle within the 1% — and why it's important.
Eli Lake
July 7
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, has been trying to end the war on terror.

The war on terror survives Rand Paul's attempt to end it

The 2001 authorization should not be scrapped altogether, but it should be amended.
Jonathan Bernstein
July 7
A ballot box is set up inside the Duluth City Clerk’s office for early voters to drop their ballots in.

Stop bashing polls and learn how to read them

Your questions answered; your doubts (with any luck) assuaged.
July 4

Bounty charges are strange new twist in the Trump-Putin relationship

Leaked stories are another dive into Washington's murky politics.
Mark Grindy
July 3
The Minnesota state seal., which is featured on the state flag.

Racist state flags need to go — Minnesota's is next

Our flag depicts a white farmer displacing a Native American.
Opinion Exchange
July 3

It took decades for Voice of America to build credibility abroad

Trump is putting all of that at risk for his own political gain.
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