A nuclear plant in Flamanville, France. About 72% of France’s energy came from nuclear power in 2018, and the country has for decades safely and rel

Readers Write: Green energy, budget surplus, population trends

Green energy: Environmentalists shun solutions
December 12
The blades of wind turbines catch the breeze at the Saddleback Ridge wind farm in Carthage, Maine.

Readers Write: Environmental impacts of green energy, state budget surplus, Afghanistan Papers

More efficient green energy is the future.
December 11
Cathy Joy Schlager, center, moved to a group home in 2018, and her family was told she would be taken out into the community weekly. That didn’t hap

Readers Write: Home caregivers, Afghanistan papers, St. Paul traffic, water pollution standards

We need caregivers, but barely pay them.
December 10
President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attend a rally in Florida in November.

Readers Write: Pence for president, Israel policy, Afghanistan papers, health care costs, polarization

Just let Pence be president already.
December 9
Kjersten Schladetzky and her sons William, 11, and Nelson, 8, were shot and killed on Dec. 1.

Readers Write: Shooting deaths, Republican support for Trump, Minnesota's urban-rural divide

Shooting deaths are as American as apple pie.
December 8
A young demonstrator held a sign outside the Portuguese parliament in Lisbon during a worldwide protest on Nov. 29, demanding action to address climat

Readers Write: Climate change coverage, food stamp changes, state budget surplus, election security

Keep the climate coverage coming.
December 6
Basswood Lake lies partly in Canada and partly in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Readers Write: Twin Metals mine and the BWCA, a Christmas list for politicians

Minnesota can't even protect its non-wilderness waters.
December 6
Oil pumps and equipment reflect on water pooled in the South Belridge oil field in Kern County, Calif.

Readers Write: Fossil fuel divestment, farm crisis, state budget surplus, decriminalizing sex work

Minnesota needs to stop investing in fossil fuels.
December 5
From left, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif.; Steve Castor, the staff attorney for the Republicans; and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, converse during an impeachme

Readers Write: Impeachment, 2019 word of the year, Twins baseball, teaching kids how to read

Dictionaries everywhere: I have a 2020 "word of the year" suggestion.
December 4
The Mayo Clinic is joining a venture that will run a new mega-hospital in the United Arab Emirates. The Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, pictured above,

Readers Write: Health care markets, data on mass shooters, pollution in Minnesota lakes

Market-based health care can't make us all healthy.
December 3
Minnesota has spent more than $5 billion in the last decade to boost academic performance of low-achieving students, but it’s hard to measure the mo

Readers Write: Achievement gap in Minnesota, thoughts on the 2020 Democratic field

The achievement gap has deep roots.
December 2
State Human Services Commissioner Jodi Harpstead testified before lawmakers on Monday about what she has learned in her first 90 days as head of the a

Readers Write: DHS mismanagement, lunch-shaming, elites in politics, Trump's tax cut

Remember those affected by DHS mismanagement.
November 30
An aerial view of Birch Lake near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, showing the land that would become an underground mine (left) and additio

Readers Write: Praise, criticism for Twin Metals editorial, plus an alternative

Plus: EPA policy on water, and hunting genetically enhanced animals.
November 27
What are you thinking about in the “season of thankfulness?”

Readers Write: Thanksgiving, democracy, impeachment strategy, the snow

No, really — being thankful works.
November 27
In this photo from Aug. 3, 1973, the Senate Watergate Committee hearings continued in Washington, D.C. Tens of millions of Americans tuned in to what

Readers Write: Impacts of impeachment, morality in politics, Warren's wealth tax, renaming buildings, Minneapolis development

Let's make revived civic engagement the lasting result of impeachment proceedings.
November 27
President Donald Trump spoke with reporters on Dec. 22, 2017, after signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which created a single corporate tax rate of 21

Readers Write: Trump tax cut, presidential pardons, health care solutions, lunch-money shaming

Trump's tax cuts worked for my family. Here's how.
November 27
A new Minnesota law requires pharmacies to be more transparent about prescription drug costs.

Readers Write: Prescription drug costs, gun statistics, Mayor Pete's campaign, Wee Willie Walker

Once again, lawmakers turn to the wrong fix for rising drug costs.
November 26
The Minnesota Legislature will be in charge of redrawing district maps after the 2020 census.

Readers Write: Gerrymandering, health care, affordable housing, Russia and impeachment, Trump

It's time for Democrats to do what they say they wanted.
November 25
In fiscal year 2017, FedEx owed more than $1.5 billion in taxes. The next year, after the Trump administration’s tax cut, it owed nothing. On averag

Readers Write: Tax bill, Israel policy, gun laws, bird deaths

So Trump's tax cuts "worked." At doing what?
November 22
Don’t think just about what you pay for a kilowatt, a letter writer argues. Think about implications such as the wildfires in California, some of wh

Readers Write: The cost of electricity, fundamentalism, 'Trump-itis,' immigration, China's oppression

Let's use a broader definition of expenses, act accordingly.
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