'FBoy Island'

If ABC is still searching for a new face to take over "The Bachelor" franchise, it should take a serious look at Nikki Glaser. Consider this new dating series her audition. The comedian is terrific as the host, bringing a blend of sarcasm and sympathy to her duties. The contestants, a mix of "nice boys" and "jerks" competing for the affection of three airheads, are more R-rated than the candidates on network TV, making them the perfect patsies for Glaser's withering jabs. HBO Max

'Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life'

The nearly 80-year-old chipmunks are still behaving like preschoolers, which makes them the ideal companions for youngsters not yet old enough to appreciate Bugs Bunny. The pair don't do much in these new animated shorts except scurry for acorns, but their search should delight viewers still depending on diapers. Adults will be bored silly. Disney Plus

'Back on the Record With Bob Costas'

One of TV's best interviewers finally returns to the format where he excels. The former Olympics host has a way of coaxing compelling answers out of celebrities who have been drilled a million times before, a talent he put to great use while hosting NBC's "Later" from 1988 to 1994. This time, he's focused on sports stars. Charles Barkley is the kickoff guest. 10 p.m. Friday, HBO

'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day'

The witty farce returns to streaming, featuring one of Frances McDormand's most distinctive performances. It's set in London during the Depression, where the triple Oscar winner's title character finagles a job as the personal assistant to a daffy, would-be starlet played by Amy Adams. It emerges that Miss Pettigrew can make almost everything work except her own love life. But maybe she'll turn that around, too? Amazon

'Chungking Express'

Wong Kar-wai's two-part romantic comedy features two sets of lovers who can't quite seem to connect. Both are great but the second one, with a young woman who expresses her crush on a cop by breaking into his apartment when he's not home and rearranging his furniture, is a cockeyed classic. Criterion Channel