Timberwolves President Gersson Rosas offered support to Malik Beasley (5) after the guard was arrested for narcotics possession and possession of a st

Wolves' Rosas offers support for Beasley after guard's arrest

Malik Beasley was arrested for narcotics possession and possession of a stolen gun in Plymouth on Saturday.

LeBron and the Heat, together again at the NBA Finals

September 29
The Lakers' LeBron James, left, jostled for position under the basket with the Heat's Jimmy Butler in a December 20129 game. They'll meet in the NBA F
LeBron James wants to beat the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat want to beat LeBron James.

LaMelo Ball says he'd fit in fine with Timberwolves

September 29
LaMelo Ball said he imagines being a great fit alongside the Wolves' D'Angelo Russell, but he also said he views his ideal position as point guard. Th
D'Angelo Russell's presence doesn't dissuade point guard LaMelo Ball from wanting to be the No. 1 pick and play for the Wolves.
September 28
Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King)

Wolves guard Beasley arrested in Plymouth

Malik Beasley was arrested Saturday night in Plymouth on charges of possession of narcotics and receiving and/or concealing stolen property, according to jail records.
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) after sinking a fourth quarter basket Thursday night. He finished the game with 46 points.
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September 28
The similarities between former Viking Stefon Diggs (now with the Bills) and former Wolf Jimmy Butler (now with the Heat) are striking.

Jimmy Butler and Stefon Diggs: Kindred spirits who got away

I’m not here to pour salt in these wounds. Rather, I continue to be struck by just how similar Butler and Diggs are.
September 27
Gersson Rosas, the Timberwolves' president of basketball operations.

Salary cap uncertainties have Wolves' Rosas working overtime

The Wolves are chief among NBA teams concerned with where the salary cap will go. Gersson Rosas is trying to prepare for any and all situations, saying it is is a little like living in "parallel universes."
September 25
Timberwolves forward Jake Layman

Layman happy to be back with Wolves, broken nose and all

Jake Layman, who averaged 9.1 points last season for the Wolves, is wearing a mask during group workouts, and playing is something Layman has craved after a season that began full of promise before injuries.
September 25
This is a 1959 photo showing Harlem Globetrotters WIlt Chamberlain. Patrick Reusse, at 13, witnessed Chamberlain’s greatness when the 'Trotters visi

Reusse: Seeing The Big Dipper in a little town in '59 a moment of glory

Patrick Reusse has met most of his boyhood heroes, but he only marveled at Wilt Chamberlain in 1959 in a packed Worthington gym.


  • Western Conference
    Northwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Denver 46 27 .630 0 26-11 20-16 4-6
    Oklahoma City 44 28 .611 1.5 23-14 21-14 6-4
    Utah 44 28 .611 1.5 23-12 21-16 4-6
    Portland 35 39 .473 11.5 21-15 14-24 7-3
    Minnesota 19 45 .297 22.5 8-24 11-21 3-7
  • Pacific w l pct gb home away last 10
    LA Lakers 52 19 .732 0 25-10 27-9 4-6
    LA Clippers 49 23 .681 3.5 27-9 22-14 6-4
    Phoenix 34 39 .466 19 17-22 17-17 9-1
    Sacramento 31 41 .431 21.5 16-19 15-22 4-6
    Golden State 15 50 .231 34 8-26 7-24 3-7
  • Southwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Houston 44 28 .611 0 24-12 20-16 5-5
    Dallas 43 32 .573 2.5 20-18 23-14 4-6
    Memphis 34 39 .466 10.5 20-17 14-22 3-7
    San Antonio 32 39 .451 11.5 19-15 13-24 6-4
    New Orleans 30 42 .417 14 15-21 15-21 4-6
  • Eastern Conference
    Central w l pct gb home away last 10
    Milwaukee 56 17 .767 0 30-5 26-12 3-7
    Indiana 45 28 .616 11 25-11 20-17 7-3
    Chicago 22 43 .338 30 14-20 8-23 3-7
    Detroit 20 46 .303 32.5 11-22 9-24 1-9
    Cleveland 19 46 .292 33 11-25 8-21 4-6
  • Atlantic w l pct gb home away last 10
    Toronto 53 19 .736 0 26-10 27-9 9-1
    Boston 48 24 .667 5 26-10 22-14 6-4
    Philadelphia 43 30 .589 10.5 31-4 12-26 5-5
    Brooklyn 35 37 .486 18 20-16 15-21 7-3
    New York 21 45 .318 29 11-22 10-23 4-6
  • Southeast w l pct gb home away last 10
    Miami 44 29 .603 0 29-7 15-22 4-6
    Orlando 33 40 .452 11 18-17 15-23 5-5
    Charlotte 23 42 .354 17 10-21 13-21 4-6
    Washington 25 47 .347 18.5 16-20 9-27 2-8
    Atlanta 20 47 .299 21 14-20 6-27 4-6
  • Points
    D. Russell MIN 1039
    K. Towns MIN 926
    M. Beasley MIN 615
    J. Culver MIN 580
    J. Okogie MIN 533
  • Rebounds
    K. Towns MIN 378
    J. Okogie MIN 268
    J. Culver MIN 212
    J. Hernangomez MIN 197
    D. Russell MIN 177
  • Assists
    D. Russell MIN 285
    K. Towns MIN 153
    J. McLaughlin MIN 125
    J. Culver MIN 110
    J. Okogie MIN 99
  • Field Goal Percentage
    J. Vanderbilt MIN .625
    K. Towns MIN .508
    J. McLaughlin MIN .489
    J. Johnson MIN .479
    J. Layman MIN .453
  • Blocked Shots
    K. Towns MIN 42
    J. Culver MIN 38
    J. Johnson MIN 32
    J. Okogie MIN 26
    N. Reid MIN 22
  • Steals
    J. Okogie MIN 68
    J. Culver MIN 57
    D. Russell MIN 48
    M. Beasley MIN 40
    J. McLaughlin MIN 34
  • Points
    J. Harden HOU 2335
    D. Lillard POR 1978
    D. Booker PHO 1863
    G. Antetokounmpo MIL 1857
    T. Young ATL 1778
  • Rebounds
    R. Gobert UTA 916
    H. Whiteside POR 905
    A. Drummond CLE 864
    G. Antetokounmpo MIL 856
    J. Valanciunas MEM 788
  • Assists
    L. James LAL 684
    R. Rubio PHO 570
    T. Young ATL 560
    L. Doncic DAL 538
    D. Lillard POR 530
  • Field Goal Percentage
    M. Robinson NY .742
    R. Gobert UTA .693
    J. Allen BKN .649
    H. Whiteside POR .621
    B. Clarke MEM .618
  • Blocked Shots
    H. Whiteside POR 196
    B. Lopez MIL 163
    A. Davis LAL 143
    R. Gobert UTA 135
    M. Turner IND 132
  • Steals
    J. Harden HOU 125
    B. Simmons PHI 119
    R. Covington HOU 115
    C. Paul OKC 111
    D. Murray SA 111
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September 24

More of Patrick Reusse's memories of Wilt Chamberlain

A further look back at a legendary career.
September 24
“This time is important, not just for them to get to know us and this system but for us to get to know them, too,” Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunder

After more than six months apart, Timberwolves back on floor together

Two weeks of workouts will be beneficial for team that hasn't played together.
September 23
Local teams, media outlets launch Home Teams vs. Hunger

Local teams, media outlets launch Home Teams vs. Hunger

One in eight Minnesotans do not know where their next meal is coming from.
September 22
Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins looked up at a replay on the scoreboard during Sunday’s game at Indianapolis.

Souhan: Prep football on way back, Kirk Cousins on way down

A lot of news to catch up on, including the very quick and sudden end to the Vikings season and the belated start of high school football.
September 22
Timberwolves CEO Ethan Casson, left, talked with team owner Glen Taylor following a news conference in Des Moines in 2017.

Lynx, Wolves embrace National Voter Registration Day

The organizations plan events, the first of them Tuesday, to register voters and distribute food.
September 19
Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker (8) attempts to maintain control of the ball in front of Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) and Kelly Olynyk

Reusse: As we watch Butler, we gain insight into Wolves

Jimmy Butler is surrounded by Miami players, young and old, who appreciate the fire, reinforcing the opinion that Butler never was the star we should have been mad at in Minnesota.
September 17
D’Angelo Russell, left, and Karl-Anthony Towns have only played one game together. ELIZABETH FLORES • liz.flores@startribune.com

Timberwolves preparing for first work as a team since March

The Wolves will be in their own version of a bubble at a Minneapolis hotel and their practice facility.
September 17
Minnesota Timberwolves forward Juan Hernangomez (41) celebrated a 3-pointer scored against the LA Clippers in the second half. ] Aaron Lavinsky • aa

Hernangomez away from Wolves as he shoots Adam Sandler movie

Juancho Hernangomez won't be a part of the team's group workouts, which start next week, because he had committed to filming "Hustle."
September 16
NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum announces the Timberwolves had won the eleventh pick during the 2019 NBA draft lottery. The Wolves will have the fi

NBA officially moves draft to Nov. 18

The Wolves will have the No. 1 overall pick.
September 11
After Wolves drama, Butler finds vindication and success in Miami

After Wolves drama, Butler finds vindication and success in Miami

The two seasons since Jimmy Butler left Minnesota have shown maybe he does know a thing or two about winning at a high level in the NBA.
September 9
Mailbag: If Wolves trade the No. 1 overall pick, what could they get?

Mailbag: If Wolves trade the No. 1 overall pick, what could they get?

There are a lot of potential targets for the Wolves if they decide to trade the No. 1 overall pick for an established star or a package of players. Chris Hine breaks down the options.
September 9
NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum announces that the Minnesota Timberwolves had won the eleventh pick during the NBA draft lottery in 2019. The Wolve

NBA draft likely to be pushed back from October 16 date

Timberwolves fans will likely have to wait to find out what the Wolves will do with the No. 1 pick.
September 6
Timberwolves' Gersson Rosas on landing the No. 1 pick and what's next

Timberwolves' Gersson Rosas on landing the No. 1 pick and what's next

September 6
Souhan: From Wolves to NBA playoff teams: 'You're welcome'

Souhan: From Wolves to NBA playoff teams: 'You're welcome'

The Wolves' draft decisions have created something of a reverse curse in the NBA. Since Dallas won the NBA title in 2011, every NBA champion except once has featured a Wolves connection or benefited from a Wolves draft-day decision.
September 5

Former Wolves, Lynx broadcaster Focke fired by Hornets for use of racial slur

The Charlotte Hornets fired radio announcer John Focke, a former Timberwolves and Lynx broadcaster, on Thursday for the use of a racial slur on…
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