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Laurie Hertzel is senior editor for books at the Star Tribune, where she has worked since 1996.

It takes a village

The winning team. Photo by Paul Nylander.

The team behind the John Coy/Gaylord Schanelic picture book,“My Mighty Journey: A Waterfall’s Story” has won this year’s Minnesota Book Artist award. The collective efforts of papermaker Amanda Degener and artists Paul Nylander, Barbara Eijadi, Sorcha Douglas, Emily Pressprich, Greta Lapcinski, Paris Fobbe, Rayan Macalin, Kerri Mulcare, Ellen Janda, Hans Koch, Diane Wilson, Ernie Whiteman and Monica Edwards Larson will be honored April 28 at the annual Minnesota Book Awards gala.

Degener was a previous Minnesota Book Artist Awards winner with Bridget O'Malley for their work as Cave Paper.

“My Mighty Journey” is the story of Owamniyomni   — aka St. Anthony Falls — and the changes that have taken place over 12,000 years on the Mississippi River. The team of artists helped Schanelic craft the prints used as illustrations for the book, with text by Coy. The prints are on display through March at the Mill City Museum and an exhibit about the book will open Feb. 7 at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

In the photo (by Paul Nylander), from front to back: Gaylord Schanilec, Hans Koch, John Coy, Paul Nylander, Barbara Eijadi, Rayan Macalin, Paris Fobbe, Monica Edwards Larson, Sorcha Douglas, Greta Lapcinski, Kerri Mulcare.

Winners announced in Minnesota Author Project awards

Sarah Hanley

Sarah Hanley

The Minnesota Author Projects awards, an honor for self-published writers, honored Steve South and Sarah Hanley on Thursday night in St. Paul.

Now in its second year, the Project honors one writer for adults and one for young adults annually with a $1,000 prize.
Winners are Steve South for his young-adult book, "The Queen of Steel and Fire," and Sarah Hanley for her novel for adults, "Matka."
South and Hanley will be honored at a reception in Nashville, Tenn.; will be included in a full-page spread in "Library Journal," and will be given the opportunity to share their books at libraries across the state.
Finalists for the prizes were Diane Dettman for "Courageous Footsteps" and Jenna Zark for "The Beat on Ruby's Street" in young-adult, and Brian Lutterman for "Nightfall" and Marcia Neely for "Deep Grass Roots" in the adult category.
The Minnesota Author Projects is a program of MELSA, the Metropolitan Library Service Agency.
Some of the finalists and winners will be at the Twin Cities Book Festival at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Oct. 12.