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February 17, 2016
At Scena Tavern in Uptown, all baking is done on site under the care of Johnny Silvera.

Crudo, pizza, cocktails lead at Uptown's Scena Tavern 

REVIEW: Skilled cooking, reasonable prices and a well-tuned bar outweigh the spotty service and characterless surroundings.
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February 10, 2016
The salmon at Cedar + Stone, Urban Table.

Mall of America dining just got better with Cedar + Stone, Urban Table 

REVIEW: A restaurant inside the new JW Marriott hotel raises dining standards at the Mall of America.
Eat & Drink
January 29, 2016
Burger Friday: Manny's sirloin burger is a steakhouse powerhouse

Burger Friday: Manny's sirloin burger is a steakhouse powerhouse

The downtown Minneapolis destination incorporates all kinds of steak know-how (and a hefty dose of its own brand of excess) into fashioning a first-rate sirloin burger.
Eat & Drink
January 20, 2016
Chloe Sletten, age 4, laughed with her mom Courtney over a grilled-cheese sandwich at Co-op Creamery.

Review: Vegetables shine at the new Co-op Creamery

The Seward Co-op branches out and blossoms as it broadens the notion of sustainability.
January 9, 2016
Brasserie Zentral is run by chef-owner Russell Klein (second from left).

2014 restaurant of the year: Brasserie Zentral reinvents Old World food

Whether it's spaetzle with rabbit, glazed duck with dumplings or stuffed cabbage rolls, the highly personal menu at Brasserie Zentral in downtown Minneapolis has no local peer. It's the Star Tribune's restaurant of the year.
Eat & Drink
January 6, 2016
Peel-and-eat shrimp is a highlight.

Lowcountry cooking gets attention at 4 Bells in Loring Park 

REVIEW: Despite the intent of Lowcountry cooking, the real attention-getter at 4 Bells is seafood.
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November 25, 2015
Eastside has quickly developed into a popular dining destination for the rapidly changing Downtown East neighborhood in Minneapolis.

Downtown Mpls. neighborhood has hot, new hangout at Eastside 

Restaurateur Ryan Burnet strikes again — hurrah. This time, it's a populist people magnet.
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November 19, 2015
Chef Mike DeCamp in the dining room at Monello, the new restaurant in the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis.

Former La Belle Vie chef breaks tired mold of 'hotel restaurant' at Monello 

REVIEW: At the next-generation hotel restaurant that is Monello, chef Mike DeCamp is demonstrating his crudo- and pasta-making skills. And how.
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November 11, 2015
The main-floor dining room, with its wood and concrete accents, as seen from the mezzanine.

Review: Ling & Louie's looks good, but taste isn't so great 

The expansive menu at Ling & Louie's in Minneapolis has a something-for-everyone vibe. As is often the case, what happens is that by hoping to please everyone, it ends up pleasing no one. | ★½ out of 4 stars
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October 28, 2015
A typically busy evening at La Fresca.

Restaurant review: At La Fresca, it's Mexico by way of France 

REVIEW: At La Fresca, chef Hector Ruiz interprets traditional Mexican ingredients through the prism of the nouveau French cooking that he absorbed during a yearlong apprenticeship in Paris.
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October 8, 2015
At sunny, airy Lela in Bloomington, the wide-open dining room is divided by sculptural stacks of wine glasses and by glass-walled wine racks.

Lela turns a new leaf at former Hotel Sofitel 

Review: Great-looking Lela, trying hard to dodge the "hotel restaurant" label, impresses on many counts.
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September 30, 2015
“Change is necessary,” said chef Adam Eaton. “But the bologna sandwich will stay on the menu.”

Restaurant review: At Lowertown's Saint Dinette, bologna is king 

At tons-of-fun Saint Dinette in St. Paul, rising star chef Adam Eaton skillfully refashions the familiar. Lowertown is fortunate to have him.
Eat & Drink
September 24, 2015
The glitzy, time-travel dining room of the former Forum Cafeteria, now Il Foro, transports diners to 1930, but chef Joe Rolle’s cooking is decidedly

Forum Cafeteria is back, and better than ever, as Il Foro 

REVIEW: The dazzling Forum Cafeteria, rechristened Il Foro, has a chef-worth-watching in the kitchen, and he's cooking with an Italian accent.
Eat & Drink
August 13, 2015
From left:  Mike Klemm of Minnetonka, Mark Bakke and Marc Olin of Edina share lunch in a packed dining room at Revival in Minneapolis. “We have so

Review: Revival is Southern-fried fabulous 

At Revival, chef Thomas Boemer is masterfully re-creating the cherished foods of his Southern childhood. You'll want to get in line. Now.
Eat & Drink
August 5, 2015
A typically busy day in the first-floor beer hall at Surly Brewing Co. in Minneapolis.

Review: Raise a glass to Surly's two restaurants 

REVIEW: With two first-rate restaurants, the beer maker's "destination" brewery lives up to its ambitions. And then some.
Eat & Drink
July 30, 2015
The short stack pancakes comes plain or in variety of flavors. They are served with whipped butter and maple syrup.

At Nighthawks, it's all about pancakes, pastrami and pie 

Review: Excess, that cherished American birthright, is alive and well at Nighthawks. But chef Landon Schoenefeld enthusiastically embraces a wider, more exuberant sense of abundance.
May 16, 2015
Mark Parranto prepared Bananas Foster table side for Jim Crockarell and Rosemary Kortgard at Salt Cellar Monday evening.

Different kind of steakhouse emerges on St. Paul's Cathedral Hill 

Salt Cellar, the new steakhouse with the retro vibe in St. Paul's Cathedral Hill neighborhood, succeeds with its prime course but struggles with many other dishes.
May 16, 2015
Chef/owner Gavin Kaysen poured champagne for the staff on the day the restaurant received a nomination for the nation’s best new restaurant by the J

Spoon and Stable offers 4-star splendor in the North Loop 

REVIEW: Chef Gavin Kaysen's Spoon and Stable is a Twin Cities rarity in that it is a fully realized restaurant experience, with each aspect of its operation polished to a highly professional shine. That's among the many reasons it earns four stars.
March 27, 2015
The smoked salmon appetizer at Cov restaurant.

Seafood-heavy Cov in Wayzata offers a taste of Martha's Vineyard 

REVIEW: Martha's Vineyard lands on the shores of Lake Minnetonka with Cov Wayzata. Just taking a seat inside its preppy and vaguely nautical surroundings is a mood elevator more effective than a handful of vitamin D tablets.
March 23, 2015
Tiny Diner is located in a former gas station on East 38th St. in Minneapolis.

Prolific Minneapolis restaurateur thinks big at Tiny Diner 

Review: Take one former gas station. Add local food and a patio and what do you get? A gift to the neighborhood. The results remain accessible and fuss-free, with short-order fare that frequently yields surprising finesse.